Digital Video Marketing

Use the Power of Online Video To Target Your Ideal Customers

  • Your ideal customer searches online for a product or service you offer.
  • The next time they watch online content, show them your video commercial.
  • They click through to your company’s web site and become an Actual Customer!

The Best & Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tool Available to Increase Sales!

We offer the WebAdz hyper-targeted online marketing solution through a partnership with American Media Distribution (AMD).

Here’s How to Beat Your Competition with Targeted Video

  • Advanced hyper-targeting
    • Online search analysis from 8 data centers around the globe targets ideal customers
      • Keywords for your products or services
      • Demographics
      • Geography: National, State, City or Zip Code
    • Visitors to competitor websites can also be identified and served your digital video ad
  • Deliver your message instantly across premium online commercial inventory
    • Access to 20,000+ websites
    • AMD delivers online video ads for 80 of the top 100 U.S. advertisers
  • Skip-ad capability means only interested prospects watch your pre-roll video ad
    • Guaranteed Complete Impressions = Outstanding ROI
  • Customers click through to your web site
    • Monitor lead acquisition using our proprietary pixel system

We offer the best rates available for digital video advertising and outstanding customer service.

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