Don’t Just Observe the Climb in Corporate Video Production Numbers: Learn and Join the Ranks

If you’re not using video for marketing, you should be. Your competitors may already be using video services and leaving you behind as you just watch.

In today’s marketing world, video is king. Those who aren’t including video are being left behind and wondering where they went wrong. While the classic image that comes to mind when thinking of video production is one of sophisticated equipment, cool special effects, and sometimes astronomical budgets, the current reality is much different. Video production services are much more about delivering measurable business results.


It’s time to look at some of the corporate video production trends that deserve your attention as a business. Moreover, they should serve to highlight why your business should be using video.


The World has an Insatiable Demand for Videos


Video is absolutely everywhere. You can’t check out a website or use social media without being bombarded by new videos. Facebook has even modified its platform so that videos will automatically play sound when a video appears on your news feed, just to give users the full video experience instantly. It was prompted by the statistic that found 85 percent of people watching videos online do so without audio.


Take YouTube as an example. This video platform garners more than four billion views a day and is the second largest search engine behind its owner, Google. The impressive viewing figure comes from the fact that 78 percent of web users watch at least one video on YouTube every week and 55 percent of them watch videos every day.


Now it’s time to look at the market for online video as a whole, and just how large it is. According to comScore, 45 percent of internet users view at least one full video over the course of a month, while the average internet user is subject to 32 videos a month. In real numbers, that equates to 100 million people watching videos every day, with 90 percent saying that a video helps in their purchasing decision.


Aside from YouTube, 92 percent of business-to-business customers also watch video online, with 75 percent of executives telling Forbes that they watch work-related videos at least once a week. A massive 65 percent then view the marketer’s website after watching the video.


These are viewing numbers that can’t be ignored and they are only set to increase in the next few years. By utilizing the skills of a professional corporate video production company, imagine just how many people your business could reach.


Video Boosts Conversion Rates


Businesses will usually try anything once to see if it boosts conversion rates, but there is one thing that has been shown to increase conversion rates by up to 80 percent. That is the use of video on landing pages. Companies like Dell and Amazon have published figures showing that a posted video on a landing page can increase the odds of a customer purchasing an item by as much as 35 percent.


On top of this, four of five people think that demo videos are helpful, with four times as many customers preferring to watch learn about a product rather than read about it. Online shoppers who view a demo video for the product of their interest are 1.81 times more likely to purchase that product than those who didn’t view the product demo. People also spend an average of 2.6 times longer on pages that contain a video than on those pages that don’t.


The biggest figure to contemplate is that 55 percent of marketing professionals identify video as the content that delivers the best return on investment. Indeed, marketers who use video grow revenue 49 percent faster than those who do not use video.


To get your business moving through the use of video production, make sure you contact a professional SEO company that offers corporate video production. It will be able to design a complete package to help increase your businesses reach.




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