RMA/MBBP Canada Introductory Offer

Get 5,000 Guaranteed Online Video Ad Views for Just $599 – We’ll Even Waive Production Costs!

RMA/MBBP Canada now offers independent retail members and suppliers the same cutting edge advertising tool the biggest brands use – for a fantastic price! As part of a special introductory offer, we will create a custom digital video commercial and guarantee it will be viewed by 5,000 of your ideal customers for just $599!

  • Need to reach customers searching online for a product or service you offer?
  • Tired of losing sales to competitors? 
  • Show customers your commercial nearly anywhere they watch internet video!

How it Works: Potential customers (identified by demographic and geography you select) who search online for your product or service offerings will be served your commercial prior to watching an online video of their own choosing.  The potential customers then can respond to a call to action — like clicking to the retailer’s web site make a purchase, accept a promotional offer or learn more. This short video explains it further:

What’s Included in the RMA/MBBP $599 Introductory Offer:

  • 5,000 Guaranteed Online Video Ad Impressions
  • Discount: The price is 50 percent off what non-RMA/MBBP members pay
  • Video Ad Production (Level 2 production: $1,500 value)
    • Note: 5,000 impressions are the minimum recommended for a single location retailer. Multi-location, regional and national retailers will want to utilize our bulk-pricing for Hyper-targeted video ads to maximize results and ROI.

Return on Your Investment:

  • Increase Sales When Customers Click Through to Your Site
  • Build Your Brand When Customers Want to Learn More
  • Great ROI: Turn Your Marketing Expenses into an Investment

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